Status effects and a teaser [Dev Blog #2]

Hello everyone!


It is now December and with it comes the first Development Blog of the month.


Lately we have been working on what was mentioned in the previous dev blog (Reloading, full body tracking). Since it’s December we thought that we would work on some more visually pleasing effects. Here’s a preview of some that we are considering adding.



Here’s a little info about the ideas behind these effects. In Lost In The Woods we want to provide a unique yet exciting experience with the player; we want to keep the game easy to get into yet hard to master. So with that idea in mind we are considering adding “weapon status effects”. These effects wouldn’t just be visual, the fire would add some variation of fire damage to make your attack(s) more powerful or the electricity effect shocks the enemy and temporarily stuns them/shocks the target. We have a few others like the “Power Effect”, which would have a random chance to instantly kill the enemy.


These status effects could be applied to any weapon, you might just find them as rare weapons or there may be a system integrated that would make it possible to upgrade your weapons. Since we are currently early in development we have time to think about these ideas and will expand upon them if we decide to pursue these ideas.


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention; we recently released a teaser trailer for the game. This is incredibly early so everything is subject to change and therefore is not final.



Thanks for continuing to follow our games development, come back every few days for a new dev blog!


“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.”

G-Man, Half-Life 2



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